About Us


DCW is the specialized interior decoration design

DCW is the company specialized in interior decoration design, construction budget estimation, and materials. The Company was registered in Thailand in 2012.After operating the business for several years, it creates data management for each system. The leader of the Company is an executive of a leading corporate who has 8 years of overseas experience which can prove his experiences and developments in foreign countries. Over the years, he had worked in the service team for many “Chinese” companies, such as China Railway Construction Corporation (Southeast Asia), China Hydropower (Thailand) Company Limited, Zhongtian Construction Group Company Limited. He finally established our company’s economic, high-quality, effective and safe competitive strategies.

Features of Company

Specialized in management; gaining advantages from cooperation of Chinese and Thailand employees implementing local management and establishing each linking data monitoring system Specialized in processes by a number of senior technicians from China bringing domestic advanced technologies Specialized in service; the Company’s employees are familiar with the conditions of two nations, leading to stable and efficient service. Providing local import and export resources Specialized in design; this Company has 2 famous Chinese designers and 2 well-known Thai designers who are able to design and deeply analyze drawings and integrated innovations Price and labor advantages; employing many outsourced foreign workers, leading to low cost and high efficiency; having good relationships with various Thai companies in supplying materials This Company focuses on Thailand and combines advantages of resources from Thailand and China to create the higher value for customers. We will continuously go beyond the future.